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soybean oil press machine soybean oil extraction equipment soybean oil refining plant

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Soybean oil production equipment includes soybean oil pretreatment equipment, soybean oil extraction equipment, and soybean oil refining plant.
Soybean oil pretreatment process:
soybean oil extraction equipment
oil press machine
Soybean oil leaching process:
                           Solvents              Solvent recovery
                                ↓                                  ↓
Soybean Cake → Extractor → Mixed oil treatment → Crude Oil
                  Solvent recovery ← Steam wet meal → Finished meal
soybean oil extraction equipment
Soybean oil refining process:
Soybean crude oil → Phosphoric acid degumming → Washing and drying → Adsorption decolorization → Distillation deodorization → Filtration → Refined oil
soybean oil refining plant
soybean oil refining plant
Huatai machinery provide oil press machinery,oil refining equipment and oil extraction equipment, As a professional oil manufacturer,our products have been sold to the more than 130 countries worldwide,100 large oil production line of cases.


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